We offer a variety of services to help...



We provide active learning workshops through engaging and
fun exercises. This allows participants  to learn, practice and perfect
each area or technique. 


Workshops are both tailored and predesigned to deliver on the outcomes you require. Our expertise cover:

Recruitment Training

- Recruitment 360° Workshops & Program(s)

- Advanced Recruitment Workshops & Program(s)

Sales Training

Leadership Development Program(s)



We specialise in Sales, Executive, Team and Business Coaching to
support you in achieving your goals to be your professional
and personal best. 

We have a range of coaching packages to meet your individual and business needs including; 


• Sales Coaching

• Executive Coaching

• Team Coaching

• Business Coaching



Our 25 years of experience across Human Capital, Leadership Development, Technology, Organisational Development and Change allow us to
tackle your difficult business questions to assist you in taking
actions required to deliver long lasting results. 

Our expertise and experience allow us to consult across the following areas;

• Leadership Development & Transformation

• Organisational Development

• Business Change & Transformation

• IT Systems Change & Implementations

• Business Strategy

• Technology

We use a variety of tools and techniques for effective consulting that include:

- Team Building & Profiling

- Team Development Workshops

- Psychometric Testing & Assessments

- Team Building & Profiling

 - SHL, Communication, Personality and Leadership,  Motivation, Influencing and Time Management surveys

- 360° Degree Feedback